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How do I prevent rust?

The easiest way to prevent rust from forming is to fix any scratches on your garage door. Scratches expose the metal under the layer of coating, allowing the possibility of rust build up. Cure the scratches and apply a coat of antirust for better rust prevention.

If my garage door is damaged, can I replace only the damaged panels?

Yes. However, our specialists say that it would also depend on the extent of damage and the type of garage door as well. You might need to replace other panels if they are slightly dented or warped since all panels would have to fit perfectly together.

How do I choose the best garage door?

The experts at Garage Door Repair Lincolnshire suggest that it is best to choose garage doors based on your needs (like if you need something quiet because you have a baby) and the style of your home (like if you want something modern). You can choose between glass garage doors, steel ones, aluminum ones or wooden ones.

How can I get my doors balanced?

An imbalanced door can be caused by your door springs. Our garage door repair company in Lincolnshire can help balance your door. Our expert service technicians will check the springs to see if they need to be replaced or tightened and make necessary repairs.

What’s the difference between galvanized and oil tempered torsion springs?

The galvanized garage door springs are made from steel wire which has been dipped in molten zinc to receive a protective coating which provides protection from rust. They require regular lubrication to work smoothly and quietly. The oil tempered springs are made from steel wire which has been dipped in hot oil. They are suitable for bigger doors which are used more frequently. No lubrication is required.

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